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Quick Heal Total Security 22.00 Crack + License Key Full Download 2023

Quick Heal Total Security Setup Download

Quick Heal Total Security 22.00 Crack is the best PC antivirus that protects your PC and ensures smooth, secure internet surfing and banking, smooth Internet surfing, and powerful PC protection. This secure banking function protects personal information during online banking and shopping. During online transactions. Fast cure antivirus full-security software features parental control, which allows control and management of children’s computers and internet access. Fast healing 100% safety improved malware protection, preventing spyware, adware, and other infections.

Quick Heal Total Security Key includes both automatic and personalizable ways of scanning. While the former controls your files and folders according to standard system settings, the latter allows you to select which sections of the system to scan for viruses. In case dangerous code is detected on your machine, you can also configure a default action. The software was also well-proven under test conditions and was rated “Top Product” by the AV-Test Institute. During my test, the EICAR virus test file was immediately detected as harmful.

Quick Heal Total Security Crack + Key Full Download 2023

I always like to download the basic definitions in the background after the program is installed. Apart from the rather long first installation, the use of the program has shown to be an absolute delight. A central dashboard program is designed to monitor all moving parts of the system and separate boot generator installation to easily access extra components like the performance tuner and the virus scanner. The dashboard has five key buttons, which give easy access to the detailed menus of different scan options and an indicator checkmark on the “home” page shows the system’s health immediately.

The parental control function is very highly developed and would give any other tool a run. It interacts directly with your system accounts, making it easy to restrict certain website categories. Choosing which website categories to restrict for young browsers is not always easy so that the system produces user aging filtering templates. The parental control module also provides an app control tool that blocks access to particular programs on the PC. Other fantastic software is here K7 Total Security 

Main Features of Quick Heal Total Security:

Protection of Ransomware:

  • Provides comprehensive protection against major ransomware assaults for your sensitive data.
  • In addition, it recognizes and prevents unknown ransomware assaults supported by Behavior Detection Technology in real-time.

Protection of viruses:

  • Virus Protection always monitors malware or virus scanning of your files, documents, and system directories. Any new file is without exception inspected.

Protection of webcam:

  • Protects your privacy and against efforts of extortion. It limits access to your web camera by espionage agents and apps and allows you to manage applications that can access the webcam.

DNAScan Advanced:

  • Quick Heal DNAScan technology discovers undiscovered hazards and blocks them. It uses a combination of conduct and characteristic control and monitoring of dangerous programs.

Options for scanning:

  • Provides several scan possibilities. You can scan select files and folders on request, schedule regular scanning, or scan. other best software is here Bitdefender Antivirus 

Protection of browsing:

  • Automatically detects and prevents you from browsing risky and potentially hazardous websites.

Protection of phishing:

  • Prevents users of phishing and fake websites. These websites enable you to exchange information with hackers who can misuse it.


  • Prevents unwanted infiltration or hacker attacks.

Email protection Protection:

  • It efficiently prevents emails containing infected attachments or links to corrupted and phony websites.

USB drive protection:

  • Autorun malware stops the USB device to stop malware from spreading to your computer.

External protection of the drive

  • Blocks viruses and malware which enter via external drives such as CDs, DVDs, and USB-based devices.

External scanning drives:

  • Scans external discs automatically when they are connected to a malware or virus PC.

Anti Malware Anti:

  • The registry scans files and folders for the comprehensive detection and purification of spyware, adware, Rogueware, computer computers, Riskware, and many other potential hazards on your computer.

Anti Rootkit Anti:

  • Scan objects for suspicious activity, including the execution of processes, Windows registry and files, and folders, and discover rootkits without signatures.

Theft Data Protection

  • Blocks copying data to illegal USB drives from your computer.

Control of the parents

  • Allows parents to configure the following options.
  • Internet Browsing Control – to limit children to unwanted websites.
  • Control Application – To restrict youngsters to gaming programs, communications tools, media players, etc.
  • PC Access Control – to set a schedule on which children may access the computer on certain days and times.
  • Click here to learn how to set up Parental Control on your PC.


  • Good malware blocking test detection rate and malicious URL blocking test.
  • Protection Ransomware.
  • Emergency disc scanning and boot-time scanning.
  • Optimization of the system.
  • External control of the drive.
  • Hardened safe banking desktop.


  • Some elementary tests were failed by Firewall.
  • Incomplete eradication of malware detected.
  • Tepid defense against phishing.
  • Limited, uncomfortable parental control.
  • Exceptionally costly

How to Download?

  • First, you click the button
  • Run out the setup file…
  • And Download it
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