How To Install Windows Loader – A Working Users Guide

How To Install Windows Loader [Latest 2023]

How To Install Windows Loader: A Working and Easy Guide (Latest 2023)

How To Install Windows Loader – A Working Users Guide [Latest 2023] – Are you stuck between installing Windows Loader on your machine? In case you don’t know the right way and want to learn step by step, this is the perfect guide for you.

Because I have seen many people struggling to install this tool on their computer. This is why I thought about making a complete guide for those who are fighting. After reading this, you will install it on your 100% guaranteed machine.

I recommend that you read all the steps twice to avoid making a mistake. If you do not, it may fail or damage the system files. Ok, now let’s move on to our topic without wasting time.

Now, this is something interesting! Some of you may wonder why you should read this guide. Or even some of you may not even know what Windows Loader really is. So, basically, Windows Loader or Windows 7 Loader is a free tool developed by the Daz Team.

It is used to activate the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System for free. Yes, that is correct! This tool is 100% free and safe to use and does not even cost a penny. Since Win7 is being used by many people around the world.

But not everyone can pay for the license and when they can’t buy a license. The free trial will end within 30 days and then you will notice the annoying Watermark of Activate your Windows. Also, you will not be able to use some of the functions, such as changing Wallpapers, Get updates, Firewall and many others.

How To Install Windows Loader?

I hope you understand the concept of using this tool, otherwise, I have provided the links that might be useful. Okay, without wasting time, let’s move on to the guide step by step:

1. First, if you have installed an antivirus program, be sure to disable it. This is because these tools are blacklisted by Microsoft and antivirus programs. Also, disable Windows 7 Defender as well, otherwise, this will immediately delete the file.

To disable Windows 7 Defender follow this path:

  1. Open the Start menu> Search Control Panel and open it> Now click on Windows Defender from there> Select Tools> Now click on Options> From the left side, choose Administrator> Now disable “Use this program”> Click Save and close settings> Now Restart the computer and Windows 7 Defender is disabled correctly.
  2. After rebooting, to the folder where you downloaded this tool and then extract it using any application such as WinRar, 7Zip or PeaZip, etc.
  3. It will create a folder there with the name of a tool before extracting.
  4. Open that folder and then right-click on Windows 7 Activator.exe and click Run as administrator.
  5. The program will launch there and here you can see the status of Windows, Windows Build, computer architecture and others.

That is what you have successfully installed Windows Loader on your computer. Now you are ready to activate your Windows and obtain a genuine license at no cost.

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