How To Activate Windows 10? 2 Free Methods

How To Activate Windows 10? Methods

How To Activate Windows 10? Simple And Working Methods (Latest)

If you came to our website by searching ‘How To Activate Windows 10’ Then you are in the right place. In today’s guide, I am going to share a few simple and basic steps that will help you to activate Windows easily. Many methods are available on the internet but not each of them is worky and handy. This means that the details of each step are not explained properly. But the methods given below will teach you everything and which is easily implemented as well. This guide is for those who already purchased product key and also for those who don’t have one.

Why Activate Windows 10:

Microsoft Windows is the most popular Operating System all around the world. It is because this OS is based on GUI (Graphical User-Interface) which means we can do anything or go to any page or open any app by simply using a mouse and clicking on icons. This is the reason why everyone preferred this over other OS like Linux, Ubuntu Raspberry, etc.

But the only problem with the Windows is its activation, as this is the paid OS while others are totally free. There are many people who have purchased this online but have no idea about the procedure of activation. Even though there are many people who do not have the product or activation key and still wanted to activate it…

How To Activate Windows 10?

Here are the two methods you can use for the activation of Windows 10 with or without the product key.

In case you have purchased or got the license just follow the first guide, otherwise, scroll down the second guide.

Method 1: For Product Key:

Follow these simple steps as it is to activate your windows without getting into trouble.

  1. Open the Start menu from the taskbar or click the Windows logo key from the keyboard.
  2. After this, simply click on the Settings icon found on the account icon on the left side.
  3. Now scroll down and open Update & Security.
  4. From here, you should open the Activation menu from the left side.
  5. After selecting this, simply click Change product key.
  6. A popup will open now just type the 14 digit codes there and hit Next.
  7. This will start looking for the key whether it is correct or not, then you will see the Windows activation message.

That’s all. Just close everything and if you want to check the status then right-click on ‘My Computer’ then click on Properties. Scroll down and then see the status of Windows as Windows is activated. This is the easiest way we can follow to activate using our own product key.

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Method 2: Activate Windows 10 Without Product Key:

In this second method, we do not need to have a license key. It works completely free and the program we use is also safe and protected. The name of this tool is KMSPico, which is also better for activating Windows and Office.

This tool is developed by Team Daz who has contributed a lot in the field of activators. It is 100% free and supports all editions of Windows. You can use it in both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. This provides you with genuine, permanent activation that lasts until you install a new Windows operating system.

Activate Windows 10 Using KMSPico:

As I said KMSPico is the free tool that is used to activate Windows. Now let’s check the proper way which we can follow to get a free license.

  1. First of all, we have to deactivate our antivirus or Windows Defender (because this type of tool is on the blacklist of antivirus tools). To disable Windows Defender, you can follow these steps below.
  2. Open the Start menu> click on the Settings button> scroll down and click on Update and security> In the left menu, simply click on Windows Security> Now click on Virus and threat protection> After this, click Virus and threat protection settings> Use the slider to turn off real-time protection.
  3. Now go to the folder where you downloaded this tool, then extract it with any tool like WinRar, 7Zip, PeaZip, etc.
  4. Then it will create a new folder with the name KMSPico 11, just open this folder and search for KMSPico 11.exe.
  5. Now right click on KMSPico 11.exe and then click Run as administrator. It will ask for your permission, so just click Yes and the installation window will open.
  6. Just follow the steps you see there and in a while, the program will install on your computer.
  7. After that, close all programs, if any, in the background, then open the Start menu or press the Windows logo key.
  8. Now you will see the KMSPico icon in the recently installed menu or simply type the name to find it easily. Then right-click the icon and click Run as administrator.
  9. When you ask for confirmation, just click Yes, now it will open a new window with the red button.
  10. Don’t touch anything, just press the red button and the program will start loading certain files.
  11. Wait a moment until you hear the voice notification that says “Affirmative” then “Program complete”. Then you will notice a green background on the Windows logo, which means that it is now activated.

To check the status, you just need to restart your computer simply and after that, right-click on ‘My Computer’ and then click on ‘Run as administrator’. Now scroll down a little bit to see the state of Windows (which is Windows 10). Your windows will be activated. It’s the easiest way to get permanent activation without paying a dime.

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