How to lock and unlock Word Document? An Easy and Working Methode

How to lock and unlock Word Document 2023

A Step By Step Guide To Lock & Unlock a Word Document With Or Without Password:

If you have no idea about “How to unlock a word document” then you come to the right place. We will give you the exact and easy solution regarding your problem so that you will be able to fix the issue. Follow the given instructions step by step (to avoid any interruptions or possible errors). Also, do tell us if this guide works for you or not?

How To Lock And Unlock Word Document?

Specific files contain confidential information and must be locked to prevent accidental manipulation of their contents. MS Office Word offers the function of locking and unlocking your documents to maintain the privacy of your information. Here we give you the correct method to lock and unlock a Word file for MS workplace. You can also check the Microsoft Office 365 Product Key Activator.

How To Lock An MS Office Word File?

Any code can be used to lock a folder. You must enter a password once you have protected the file with a password, to make modifications in the folder or to view it even for reading purposes.

First, Do write your word file in your MS workplace. When your writing got stopped you need to click on the MS Office button to click the “save as” option.
See the left-hand side of the dialog box and open it. Now, you can see ‘Resources’ in the dialog box. Tap on “Werkzeuge.”
Now, choose ‘general choices’ from the option in the tools menu.


Now, Go to the bottom right corner and click ‘Tools’.

A new dialog box will appear with two possible fields namely:

  1. The password to open.
  2. The password to modify.


The fields that are shown, are for entering the password for locking the document.

If you only want to encrypt the folder, enter a password for the switch field or in the first area, otherwise. If that is over, then the file itself would need the code.
You can also block those parts of the Word file in which we will also define another process.

Download the word document for the official Microsoft site.
Now, move to the topmost rows search column.
Click on the “Safe” option.

The following is the screenshot of the same issue.


  • A dropdown list will be seen. Select “restrict formatting and editing” Option.
  • Enable the option entitled “allow only this type of editing in the document”.
  • Select the option” No changes, Read-only”.


  • Now, move on to the text section and select the parts you DO NOT want to protect. For multiple scattered selections, use the control key while selecting. Remember, the NOT SELECTED PORTION is protected.
    If you want protection from all, select “All” in the exceptions section. It is an optional tab and can be left as is.
    Click on the final step that says “Yes, start applying for protection”.


Hence, the selected parts are locked successfully.

  • A new dialog box opens where you can enter the password. Enter the password and press OK.
  • Parts of your file are protected.

Thus, this was the right way of locking a file. Now, we move towards the guide for unlocking a protected file.

How To Lock And Unlock Word Document

  • For password-protected files, You need to open the MS Office Word document.
  • Request a password, enter the password and press OK.
  • The file is open. Now click on “Save As” on the MS Office button.
  • When the dialog box opens, click on “Tools” in the lower right corner.
  • Select “Security options” and in the dialog that opens, delete the password fields and click OK.
  • Press Save.
  • The file has been unlocked for future use.
  • To unlock selected fields that could be locked, the process is even simpler.
  • Simply pressing the control + shift + F11 keys will simultaneously unlock the locked fields.

If you have a password-protected file that is available to read but cannot be modified in either way and you have forgotten your password, you must follow the steps given below.

  • Copy the content of the word file.
  • Open a new file by selecting New on the MS Office button.
  • Paste the copied content into the new file.
  • Go to the review section and press the protection tab.
  • Go to the “Restrict editing and formatting” panel and click “Stop protection.”
  • The file is unlocked and can be used.

That’s it. these were the few easy and simple ways for locking and unlocking the MS word file. I hope, you have learned it well. If you want any other guide regarding these tools do tell us via the comment box given below. Keep visiting us 🙂

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